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A common goal unites us: the long-term preservation of assets for generations to come. With personalized investment strategies, we know how to respond to all of our clients’ requests.

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What we do for you

  • Global analysis, advice and management of portfolios deposited in several banks
  • Portfolio consolidation
  • Verification of compliance with management guidelines and constraints
  • Optimization or implementation of appropriate structures meeting family goals
  • Organization and facilitation of the transmission of heritage through generations
  • Integration of intellectual, social and human capital during the transmission of financial heritage


We offer our clients an asset consolidation service. Thanks to our IT tools, we are able to group together both listed assets (securities portfolio) and unlisted assets (flats, land, private equity, works of art, etc.) in a single portfolio. Our clients thus have a global view of their assets.

Our Offices

Longemalle 1
1204 Geneva, Switzerland

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