Wealth management

Our philosophy is based on two principles:

1. Independence of the asset management

An open architecture guarantees a privileged access to the best funds and products available, whoever the manager, designer or sponsor.

2. Interaction with its clients

Thanks to the ongoing interaction with its clients, SG M&R SA can adapt their portfolios on the basis of their wishes and needs. This allows to build a long-term relationship between the investor and the company.

As an independent wealth management company, we are not restricted in the selection of products and solutions. As a company affiliated to Société Générale Private Banking (Suisse) SA, we have a direct access to one of the leading banks in the world.

Open Architecture

We have a direct relationship with the largest financial institutions, this allows us to get access to :


Our independence allows our clients to have access to the best products regardless of the managers, designers or promoters.

Execution price

Suppliers are put in competition to extract the best value.



We benefit from direct contact with analysts on all asset classes.


Our partnerships guarantee us access to the best analytical tools.

Mandates : discretionnary mandate, advisory mandate

Discretionnary mandate

Investors who wish to delegate investment decisions entrust us with a discretionary management mandate. We then define and structure the portfolio as well as its implementation and management. We continuously monitor risks and regularly discuss investment performance, allocation and actions with our clients.

Advisory mandate

Our advisory mandate is best adapted to investors who wish to retain full control over their investments. We provide our clients investment recommendations based on their assets and risk profile. The clients then make the final decision on whether to act on these recommendations and we execute the transactions.

Private Equity

Through our investors’ club, we seek and make investments in unlisted and non-financial assets, such as real estate assets or unlisted financial assets, such as investments in the creation and development of innovative start-ups.

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